Wessex Young Athletes Track and Field League
Wessex Young Athletes
League Information
League Information:
Clubs compete on a league basis of four matches evenly spread around as much as possible on a club strength and geographical basis. Trophies are awarded to the league champions as well as age groups. Medals are awarded to athletes of the match (boys and girls in both track and field events). In addition at the end of the season any record breakers are also awarded medals.

League Rules

League rules are available for download below:

League Rules

Former Athletes

Several well known names hold league records in their age groups.
This list of international, former Wessex league athletes is incomplete, you can help by expanding it
Robert Tobin (Basingstoke) 400m
Sian Scott (Bournemouth) 300m
Hannah England (Oxford) 800m
Kelly Morgan (Salisbury) Javelin
Holly Mills (Andover) Long Jump
Morgan Lake (Slough Juniors) High Jump
Michael East (Portsmouth) 800m
Melissa Courtney (Poole AC) 1500m

Committee & Officers

To contact any league official please email league@wessexleaguetandf.co.uk
Vice President Nigel Harding (Poole AC)
Chairman Nick Bull (Team Kennet)
Vice Chair Laura White (Camberley)
Secretary Gary Sprake (SETAFA)
Treasurer Cheryl Angell (Team Kennet)
Quad Kids Co-ordinator Mo Cowx (Andover)
League Records /
Results /
Power of 10
Nigel Harding (Poole AC)
Welfare Officer Cheryl Angell (Team Kennet)
& League Tables
Darryn Campbell
League Coordinators Nick Bull (Team Kennet)
Cheryl Angell (Team Kennet)
Laura White (Camberley)
Rachel Jones (New Forest)
Andy Holme (Salisbury)
Jo Breeds (Basingstoke)
Former chairmen John Lascelles (Andover), founded the league as "Doves League" in 1989.
Terry Prill (Havant) succeeded John around the mid 90s
Pete O'Keefe (Southampton City / Oxford City)
Tim Wilding (Southampton City / New Forest Juniors) took over from Pete around the late 90s
Nick Bull (Team Kennet, current chairman) took over from Tim in the mid 2000s.

League History

The Wessex Track and Field Young Athletes League was founded by John Lascelles back in 1989 as the Andover Doves league with just a handful of clubs. The first two years were Under 13 boys and girls and U15 boys, initially without U15 girls. Under 17 men and women joined the competition in 1993. Renamed several times, to the National Grid league in 1995 and the Southern Electric League in 1998, as time went on the number of clubs competing slowly increased and the U11 & U20 categories were eventually added.

The competition has prospered, thanks to a dedicated group of enthusiasts, largely as a development competition for clubs, big and small in the "Wessex" area.

AGM Minutes

Please find below the minutes of the Wessex League Anual General meetings dating back to 2005. Unless otherwise stated the AGM took place at Andover Athletic Club

League Constitution

Name This shall be the Wessex Young Athletes Track and Field League.
Objectives The objective of the league is to promote amateur athletics.
Membership The league shall consist of amateurs, according to the national governing body definition of amateur.
Application for membership shall be made in writing to the league secretary and approved by a majority of the management committee.
Each Club shall pay a subscription decided at the Annual General Meeting.
Subscriptions must be paid before the start of the current Season.
To resign, a member must inform the league secretary in writing.
Any Club guilty of misconduct (i.e. behaviour contrary to the Constitution) may be cautioned once or expelled from the league by a majority decision of the management committee.
Any club expelled will have the right to appeal to the Management committee meeting called at their request not later than two weeks from the date of expulsion.
Management The management committee shall consist of Chairman, League Secretary, League Treasurer, Under 11’s Secretary and Officials Secretary.
The management committee shall meet at least twice a year.
A quorum for the management committee shall be three.
All decisions will be by majority vote; the chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.
The management committee has the power to co-opt extra members up to the limit of three; to create trustees, and form
a sub-committee as and when considered necessary.
An auditor who is not a committee member must be elected annually by the AGM.
Annual General Meeting The AGM will be held during November/December and the following business under taken:
The report will be read and discussed.
The audited accounts will be presented.
The officers will be elected.
Motions to be discussed must be submitted in writing to the league secretary at least one week before the meeting.
A majority decision shall change standing orders or rules.
One third of all paid up members will constitute a quorum.
The Chairman shall have the casting vote.
Amendments to the Constitution The management committee, by majority at a quorum meeting, to the may propose amendments to the constitution. The changes may be made only at the AGM or an extra-ordinary general meeting called for that purpose. Two weeks notice must be given for EGM. A quorum shall consist of one quarter of the membership. If the motion is passed by majority vote, the amendment to the constitution will be adopted.
Alternatively, five ordinary paid up and voting members may petition the Hon. Secretary in writing, to call an EGM in which the conditions in the previous paragraph will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.
Voting rights as at the AGM.
Dissolution The management committee, by majority vote at a quorum meeting, may decide to dissolve the league. They must then call an EGM giving two weeks notice to all clubs. If the motion is passed by majority vote the league is then dissolved.
Alternatively five ordinary paid up members may petition the Hon. Secretary in writing to call a EGM in which the conditions in the previous paragraph will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.
Voting rights as at the AGM pertain.
Upon dissolution any funds remaining after all debts have been met will be shared equally among the remaining clubs.
Date This constitution was adopted at a meeting held on 18th December 2005.
League Chairman Nick Bull
League Secretary Gary Sprake

Adopted EA Policies

The league have adopted the following policies from UKA & England Athletics

Stationery supplier for Letters & Numbers

Our supplier for league letters & numbers is Stacey & Son: https://www.stacyandson.co.uk/

Packs of 100 are £6.75 each for Wessex League clubs.
Tel: 01245 474322

Policy change for 2022: Clubs are responsible for providing their own letters / numbers for competitions